Dear Friends,

The nazi Kostas Plevris has been prosecuted according to the Greek anti-discrimination law, and will be on trial on September 5, 2007, before the penal court of Athens, for publishing a book entitled “Jews, the whole truth”. Along with him, the editor and two columnists of the fascist newspaper “Eleftheros Kosmos” (Free World) also go on trial.
The nazi writer propagates genocidal hatred for the Jews, glorifies Hitler, the “Aryan race”, and the “Third Reich” in this book, which has already sold thousands of copies. Hitler is only criticized for the mere reason of not clearing Europe of the Jews. As one can read in Pg. 852: “afterwards, history of humankind will accuse him (Hitler) of having done nothing to rid Europe of the Jews, though he could…”

This prosecution is of great importance because the pro-Hitler and anti-Semitic literature thrives in Greece. It’s only in Greece, among all other European countries, that dozens of pro-Hitler magazines and books pro-Hitler or specifically anti-Semitic – like the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” that has been a best seller – are being sold in nearly every kiosk and in bookstores even big ones. However, the state and judicial authorities do nothing to deal with this oversupply of hate and nazi propaganda, though the law obliges them to. This prosecution against the most overt nazi was the result of a charge brought by the Greek Jews (Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece), and of a supporting memorandum submitted by the Antinazi Initiative.

The peculiarity of Greece in comparison with the other European countries – with the exception of the more and more anti-Semitic Russia – is that anti-Semitism here is not a marginal ideology of a minority, but a mainstream ideological current. Dominant political forces within the Greek parties have been hiding their anti-Semitism before the EU, but they have been cultivating it at the base of society for many years now, by using the cliche: the Jews and their illegal fascist state, Israel, dominate the US foreign policy and through that policy they attempt to subjugate the nations.

Quite characteristic of that attitude is the fact that all parliamentary parties in Greece are in favour of the legal status of the overtly nazi party “Golden Dawn” (“Chrysi Avgi”). In fact the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Press invite “Golden Dawn” at the inter-party meetings held at pre-election periods to allocate TV time for the parties participating to the elections! Also, no-one should forget that Greece is the only country of the EU that wholeheartedly stood by the Serbian fascists during the war in Bosnia, and shielded the Greek nazis that took part in the genocidal massacre of Srebrenica leaving them unpunished for their crimes.

This explains Plevris’ impudence to bring a charge against his accusers claiming that they slander him!

The Antinazi Initiative calls upon all European democrats:
-To demand that the nazi K. Plevris, as well as his collaborators, be condemned by the court on 5 September 2007.
-To make this case against K. Plevris widely known in their countries, and to denounce the anti-Semitic phenomenon in Greece.

Sincerely Yours
For the Antinazi Initiative (ANI)
Anna Stai
Irene Koutelou

P.S For your information we cite hereafter some extracts from the book of K. Plevris which the Antinazi Initiative has submitted to the Public Prosecutor and which are included in the accusation act.

Pg. 600: ... to begin with I declare that I am a nazi, a fascist, a racist, an anti-democrat, an anti-Semite” (first edition. In the second the words “a nazi, a fascist” have been omitted)

Pg. 742: “That’s what the Jews deserve. For it’s the only way they understand: firing squad within 24 hours...”

Pg. 269: “Any Greek, any man who is aware of the subversive activity of Jewish Zionism should mobilise himself as an individual, against the Jews. At start, it is required that he/she does the following:
…Whenever you identify Jewish interference, you should prevent it by denouncing it, following any other required activity”

Pg. 432: “Being well aware of the Jewish plans, Nazism decided, as I elsewhere describe, to expel Jews from Europe. And to my opinion, that was the right thing to do. Relieving Europe from Jews was imperative, for Judaism is a threat against the liberty of the nations”

Pg. 511: “There is a Jewish issue in Europe... The Jewish problem derives from the fact that a non-European racial minority plots against the European Nations, with the intention of enslaving them. This issue must be dealt with or else the White Race in danger... The only solution I could see is expelling Jews from Europe...”

Pg. 266 “And at this very moment, we need to give Jew the characterisation he deserves…How do you name one who tortures? How do you name one who shoots? How do you name one who murders women or civilians? How do you name one who rapes? How do you name someone who wants to suck our blood?… How would you characterise someone who does all of the above? We call him the sub-human Jew!

Pg. 778: “The only salvation for Jews, is for them to stop dreaming about dominating the world… If not, their extinction will be total and forever. At the worst case scenario, some thousands of them would be left chopping their little penises while waiting for their Jehovah to arrive”

Pg. 1,221: “I mostly challenge you, my readers, to discuss about Talmud and the Jewish religion. It is you that I challenge the most, for you are the victims. Wake up, the treacherous Jews are digging a pit for the Nations. Wake up and throw them in, for they deserve it...
Therefore, I accuse the German Nazis of not clearing our Europe of the Jewish Zionism, even though they could.

Pg. 138: “But it’s not the Hahamiks to blame. It is the civilized world that tolerates those international pests called Judeans... the time of retaliation has come...”

Pg. 1,166: “...The White Race want no Semites in Europe, because its biological interest dictates that.”

Pg. 583: “My book, which you are now reading is a simple proof that we don’t count on the Jews. We despise them for their morality, for their religion, for their deeds, which all prove that they are sub-humans”.

pg. 852: “Hitler had been accused for something that indeed never happened. Human history of will accuse him for having done nothing to relieve Europe from Jews, though he could... My beloved Jewish gentlemen, I am not asking you to suffer what your sacred books teach we should suffer by you... You are criminals for your religion taught you to be. You are murderers because crime has been instilled in your minds from childhood. Therefore, we, the others, have the right to confront you. So we will do.”

Pg. 218: “On 2 November, 1917, England, as we know, issued a political declaration (Balfour’s statement) by which a Jewish national centre was established in Palestine”.

Pg 223 “Jews just after Balfour’s statement and until now kill and expel Palestinians…Their criminal behavior explains the Nazis’ deeds against them, and more than that, it justifies them.”

Pg. 558: “The Nazi High Judge Walter Buch held an investigation on the incidents that occurred during the “Crystal night” ... These are of course concealed by the Jewish propaganda. On the contrary, they blame the SS for the excesses, which I personally, enthusiastically approve.”

Pg. 1,075: “They rightly preserve the camp (Auschwitz) at a good condition, because nobody knows what might happen in the future”

Pg. 1,221: Therefore, I accuse the German Nazis of not clearing our Europe of the Jewish Zionism, even though they could. The answer to the question, on whether it was right that the Germans concentrated the Jews to transport them to Madagascar, is obvious: Considering what the Jews teach and seek, what the Germans did wasn’t right. They shouldn’t have sent them to Madagascar, but to their Jehovah to read Talmud standing”.

Pg. 986: “Europe has never met such a unity and mobilization, which would lead us to plausibly and rightfully conclude that nazism’s defeat means Europe’s defeat”.
Pg. 803: “National-Socialism is an ideology for “masters”, not for slaves. It is the faith of superior people...I cannot bear to see the murderers, bandits, rapists, oppressors, pests, corruptors, sappers of the ruffian Jewry, slandering the superior National-Socialists...” (Such was read in the first edition, March 2006, while in the second, October 2006, the word “superior” is omitted)

Pg. 447: “...Surely the truth is restored little by little, the propaganda retreats and the day will come when the banners of Nazism wave (This is read in the first edition, March 2006, while in the second, October 2006, the phrase “in the country that bore it” is added.

Pg. 881: “ADOLF HITLER (1889-1945): The tragic leader of the Third German Reich is absolutely the most impressive leading feature of modern age... The history of humankind will charge Hitler with the following:

1. He didn’t got rid of the Jews in Europe though he could.
2. He didn’t use the special chemical weapons which only Germany possessed in order to win... As a result of Germany’s defeat, the White Race and Europe are now in danger... The day will come when the Europeans will either prevail or be destroyed. In both cases they will admit that Hitler was right”.

Measures proposed by the author for the protection of the purity of Greek race:
Pg 271 “ No alien can enter upon public office, or be appointed by the state, which is Greek only. This is also provided by the public enterprises”
Pg 271 “ The mixed marriages between Greeks and people not belonging to the White Race are prevented”.
“ Transfer and installation in Greece for people belonging to the White Race is totally free”

Pg. 601: “To the question: could a Jew be considered a Greek? I can directly answer: no. Because the racial origin doesn’t change through the administrative act of granting someone with Greek citizenship, which is a legislative fact, not a racial or ethnological one”.

Pg. 902: “... under toleration of the international community and the shameless UN of ex man-eater Anan” (from the first edition of March 2006. In the second edition he writes “descendant of man-eaters” instead of “ex man-eater”).

Pg. 518: “I will honestly state, elsewhere as well, that if the Germans killed the Jew-Zionists I – and I believe I’m not the only one I am not going to feel sorry. The Zionist-Jews are criminals that prepare for our death. The extinction of the White Race, they so much hate, with envy suppressed in their subconscious, for ages. The instinct of self-preservation of our Race, indicates us the road for war against Jewish Zionism to the end.

Pg. 872: “The Jews didn’t manage to dominate Europe... However, they have caused the racial matter, everywhere in Europe, which they aggravate with the help of tricky politicians, TV speakers, “professors”, journalists and other known or unknown agents of theirs. The only thing they are going to achieve is to stimulate the Europeans and provoke their reaction. Remember that. This time, there will be no good Germans to pick up Jews and send them to Madagascar but Knights of the White Apocalypse. I dream of them as galloping with naked swords, riding the grey horses of death”.

Pg. 496: “Besides, Mussolini among his many mistakes also added that he had not the intention of exterminating the Jews” (As cited at the first edition. At the second edition the word “exterminating” has been replaced by the word “chasing”).

Pg. 597: “Jew (in religion) and human are contradicting terms, that is the one excludes the other”
Pg. 481: “As a manifestation of brave protest I personally declare, again and again, that I am an anti-Semite, I despise the Jews ...whom I consider to be sub humans...”
Pg. 187: Against Oliver Stone the producer and director of the film “Alexander the Great he writes: “ As to those who insulted Alexander the Great, if the state were HELLENIC, special agents would be sent to abduct the producer and the film director and bring them to Greece, where after a special interrogation they would reveal who made them shoot such an anti-Greek film...” “…However, speaking the language of truth, I publicly claim that a large price should have been put on the insulting-to-Alexander-the-Great-film, producer’s head. This would imply the producer’s arrest, his detailed confession of the film instigators and then his hanging, so as to warn the haters of Greece... “Excesses” you might think. Still if my like-minded men held political power they would apply such excesses.”

Pg. 206: “They have shown us this photo (when? Where? Those depicted are unidentified etc.) and told us they were young Jews at a concentration camp. We accept it. We see them very fat...”
Pg. 702: “The Jews demand that we respect their inexistent dead. Personally, even if they existed, why should I respect them?”

Pg. 685: The concentration camps, the “ovens”, the “soap”, and the tortures were and still remain the most favorite themes used by the anti-nazi propaganda...”, “You get affected and impressed by movies, such as the “holocaust”, by the so-called “tortures” the Jews went through 60 years ago...”

Pg. 1,100: Those children (by the photo at pg. 1,098) are Jewish in the Auschwitz-2 camp (Birkenau), they seem well-preserved and they have of course survived”.

Pg. 180: “The children of the “chosen people” haven’t yet managed to grasp the goods of Nations, nor have they succeeded in dominating the world. Nobody knows what will happen in the future. We are aware of what has happened in the past, as we’ve seen the “chosen people” shaking before the Black Uniform of the SS with the silver skull on the kepi. We’ve seen the “chosen people” obedient, silent, fearful, working in the German industry, from which they are now rightly claiming compensation, as the slaves are entitled to a compensation for their work. But money cannot wipe out the five-year encirclement of the “chosen people” in the German concentration camps, where many lost their lives, more suffered and all were totally humiliated, because the Germans showed no respect for New Testament’s and Talmud’s assurances of the “chosen people”.

Pg. 626: “...For we are GREEKS, that is a superior Race, and not scoundrel Semites”.