To the
Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Konstantinos Karamanlis
Prime Minister’s Office
Honourable Prime Minister,
We were astonished and deeply concerned to be informed that the Appeals Court of Athens on March 27, 2009 acquitted the racist and admirer of Third Reich, Konstantinos Plevris for his book “The Jews, the Whole Truth”, overturning the first-degree condemnation verdict, according to which he was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment and probation for three years.
We consider it inconceivable that a court of a democratic European country, 60 years after the nazi atrocities, judged that to praise these atrocities and to call for their repetition does not violate the antiracist legislation!
So, it was judged that extracts as the following (out of many other of the same type included in the indictment), do not consist incitement to violence, hate and discrimination against the Jews and do not insult them:

- “That’s what the Jews deserve. For it’s the only way they understand: firing squad within 24 hours...”
- “Wake up, the treacherous Jews are digging a pit for the Nations. Wake up and throw them in, for they deserve it...”
- “The civilized world is to blame that tolerates those international pests called Judeans... the time of retaliation has come...”
- “The Jew (in religion) and the human being are contradicting terms, that is the one excludes the other”
- “The criminal behaviour of the Jews explains the Nazis’ deeds against them, and more than that, it justifies them”.
- «The history of the humankind will hold Adolph Hitler responsible for the following: He did not rid Europe from the Jews while he could» etc.
- “We despise the Jews for their morality, for their religion, for their deeds, which all prove that they are sub-humans”.
- (Underneath Auschwitz photo): “They rightly preserve the camp (Auschwitz) at a good condition, because nobody knows what might happen in the future”
- “I cannot bear to see the murderers, bandits, rapists, oppressors, pests, corruptors, sappers of the ruffian Jewry, slandering the superior National-Socialists...”
- «The ĆŐKLON B was nothing more than a poisonous gas that was used to clear the concentration camps from insects… all the rest are fairytales of propaganda»
- «The Jewish talking of corpses in the case of Auschwitz was proved absolutely false from the beginning»
- «Get rid of the Jewish propaganda, that deceives you with concentration camps, gas chambers, «ovens» and other fairytales of the pseudo-holocaust...»
- “The only salvation for Jews, is for them to stop dreaming about dominating the world… If not, their extinction will be total and forever. At the worst case scenario, some thousands of them would be left chopping their little penises while waiting for their Jehovah to arrive”

Since it was judged that the antiracist law (927/79) does not apply to such horrifying statements, then this law is actually abolished and consequently the International Anti-Racism Convention ratified by Greece is trampled.
We believe that the acquittal decision of March 27, 2009 does not concern narrowly the function of the Greek Justice. It concerns democracy in Greece and not only. If this decision is solidified, this would mean that a heavy cloud would throw its shadow all over Europe from now on. For in one of its corners the most wild, the most blatantly racist and anti-Semitic call to extermination, would have the validity of legitimacy, and consequently the violators of human dignity and life would have everywhere a political and moral encouragement with incalculable consequences. We will do whatever is possible in order to prevent this. The Greek people and the peoples in all Europe are not willing to forget the unspeakable suffering and their common struggle against nazism.

Honourable Prime Minister,
We would like to believe that you will not allow, and the government that you lead will not allow, such a legalization of racism, that is, such a blatant infringement of fundamental constitutional principles. This is why we invite you to politically condemn this decision and to take all the necessary measures within your institutional powers for its reversal.

Respectfully yours