Since 24/4/09, when the campaign of the Antinazi Initiative started, dozens of messages by democrats in Greece and abroad have reached us, informing us that they have sent the letter to the prime minister, circulated it to others, and all-rousingly wishing us good luck. Many friends have let us known that they have sent messages to the political parties, too.

The campaign was hosted at various Greek and European blogs, which have helped this way a lot in its dissemination, by adressing a warm invitation to their public to support the ANI in this endeavor to reverse the court of appeals? decision, that found nazi K. Plevris non-guilty on 27/3/09.

The campaign has become widely known across Europe through the I-care European anti-racist network, which sent the message of our campaign twice to the hunderds of organizations that are informed by it. We have also briefed the UNITED anti-fascist network, which is going to appeal to the hundreds of its organizations-members, as well as European institutional organs defending human rights. The ANI has also sent the texts of its campaign to all parties of the European parliament, to the Socialist International, and to nearly all Jewish communities of Europe.

We should here make a special mention of the touching solidarity initiative by Russian anti-fascists, who translated the letter into Russian and circulated it. As a result, we have received many letters from organizations and democrats from Russia informing us that they have sent the letter to the prime minister and urging us to continue our effort.

Democrats in Greece and in Europe,

The pressure for the annulment of the decision must pursue!
The deadline for the annulment is a month after its engrossing, which hasn?t been done yet.
Please, send the letter and spead it to as many people as you can!
Thank you all warmely for your support and solidarity to the struggle we give against legalization of nazism in Greece.