The Antinazi Initiative calls upon the democrats to stoutly oppose the devious argument that the nazi meeting in Greece should be allowed so as not to violate the freedom to assemble and the freedom of expression.
These kinds of freedom are not recognized to the nazi in any European country. In the same way that the pedophiles, for instance, are not allowed to gather and propagandize their “opinion”, even more so the overt Hitler fans don’t have the right to assemble in public and support their “opinions”, according to the law, the constitution and the international conventions. Because propagandizing nazism AUTOMATICALLY means incitement to racial violence and to anti-Jewish genocide. It is indicative that the nazi themselves call their meeting a “hate-wave festival”. It is quite alarming for the democracy in our country the fact that the Greek prime minister refuses to ban the meeting so far and that the leader of the opposition does not demand its ban.

Athens, September 2, 2005