We who sign this text were informed that in May 2010 the Supreme Court of Greece validated the decision of the Five Member Appeals Court of Athens which acquitted the neo-nazi Kostas Plevris for his racist and pro-Hitler book “Jews, the whole truth”.
The Supreme Court of Greece justified the racist violence against the Jews as well as the nazi genocide with the following reasoning: “the defendant does not turn against the Jews, solely on the grounds of their racial and national origin but mainly on the grounds of their objectives for world domination, the methods that they use for the realisation of these and their conspiratorial action” (!!!) We consider it inconceivable that sixty years after the Nazi atrocity and the genocide of Jews, the Supreme Court of a member state of European Union issued this unprecedented decision. We are greatly concerned about the fact that the Greek State (government and parliamentary parties) has not reacted so far in any way against this decision that acquitted politically and morally nazism and anti-Semitism.
As if this was not enough, three members of the Antinazi Initiative, Anna Stai, Irene Koutelou and Lampis Katsiapis, who were witnesses for the prosecution at the above trial, will go on trial on September 22, 2010 because the Antinazi Initiative publicly denounced that certain judges expressed anti-Semitic positions during the trial of K. Plevris.

We hereby call the Greek State and all institutional European bodies to condemn and annul the decision of the Supreme Court of Greece in any possible way.

Also, we protest for the prosecution of the three members of Antinazi Initiative, we express our solidarity to them and ask that they are acquitted.

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