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EGAM denounces the government and SYRIZA for the issue of nazi Zaroulia

We have received and are now publishing the press release of the EGAM which denounces Samaras, the three governmental parties, and Syriza, for having so far violated their pledge to exclude the nazi Zaroulia, representative of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn), from the Council of Europe. We remind that EGAM had greeted (after the December 15 mobilization) Samaras pledge that he would expulse Zaroulia from the Greek delegation at the Council of Europe. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe convenes on Monday, January 21.
We dont know what will be the results of the above pressure by EGAM till Monday, but it is for sure that these are parties of fraud and duplicity. This is their constant tactic against Europe. As they fail to respect their economic pledges, and violate them, by insidiously sabotaging every sort of economic development, they also make such pledges in the matter of democracy: they reassure the European democrats that they are anti-nazi, while at the same time they help the nazis strengthen their positions in both Greece and Europe. In Greece there is not just a nazi political party. There is a pro-nazi political regime. It is the same regime that has been backing and boosting Ch. A for the last 30 years. Those villains, double-face liars could be put in a really difficult position only by an all-European democratic mobilization against them.

<<Press release

Athens, Thursday, January 17th,

The European Grassroots Antiracist Movement EGAM is extremely worried about the respect of the pledges by Greek PM Samaras regarding the exclusion of the neo-Nazis from the Council of Europe.
Whereas the first session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe will start on Monday in Strasbourg, EGAM is extremely negatively surprised to learn that the Greek delegation still comprises today the neo-Nazi Eleni Zaroulia, contrary to the solemn pledge by Mr Samaras.
Last December 15th, an exceptional mobilization by the Greek and European and civil society gathered in Athens more than 10,000 people, supported by Nobel Prize Elie Wiesel and Dario Fo, and prominent intelelctuals such as Bernard Kouchner and Adam Michnik "Together in Europe for democracy, against racism, antisemitism and neo-Nazism".
Following this mobilization, Mr Samaras announced his decision to exclude the neo-Nazis from the Council of Europe.
However, on Thursday, January 17th in the morning, the delegation still comprises a neo-Nazi.
If this composition happened to be confirmed, it would be an enormous democratic scandal.
Tens of thousands of citizens would have been betrayed. New Democracy would bring a clear support to neo-Nazism, and the credibility of Mr Samaras when it comes to fight racism and antisemitism would be annihilated.

This would show that for none of the Greek parties who adpoted the same position (members of the coalition such as Pasok and Democratic Left, and the opposition party Syriza), the fight against racism would be an issue important enough to follow-up with a minimum of care the implementation of decisions which they made and announced, wheread the country has to face a sharp rise in racist violence.

Therefore we ask that the pledges which have been announced are respected, and we ask for the publication extremely shortly of the new composition of the delegation, without neo-Nazis.

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