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The nazi criminal gang of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) must be banned

The nazis being legal and in the seats of the parliament means the democrats are outlawed
The Antinazi Initiative supports and takes part in the todays protest organized by the EGAM (European Grassroots Anti-racist Movement) in Greece. At a time when the governments and the political parties in Greece havent organized a single real mass (in its political content) protest against the nazis of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn), this initiative gives encouragement and boost to the struggle of the Greek democrats. It also sets the right all-European dimension of the fact that a nazi murderous gang has entered the Parliament of a European country 70 years after hitlerian brutality.
Such a gang must definitely be outlawed. Otherwise, no would-be victim of them (immigrant, member of an ethnic minority, Jew, Roma, homosexual, or a democrat defending them) could legally defend themselves against their violence. How could a victim turn against a murderous gang which is legalized by judges and by the police, and which sits comfortably at the seats of the Parliament, being accepted by all parliamentary wings? Thats why the nazi groups are outlawed in the democratic countries. This is also what the International Anti-racist Convention, ratified by Greece, demands. Nevertheless, the state has refused to implement it since for 40 years it has not passed the respective national law. Especially nazis inside the Parliament means that democracy is illegal.
The problem is becoming a nightmare since the traditional refuge for the persecuted and the vanguard of every anti-fascist movement, the Left, is under the guidance of leaderships that have been actively participating in the legalization of nazis. As for these leaderships, not only they hadnt denounced them for decades as nazis, not only they have sat with them and co-decided for the sharing of the TV-time granted to parties during all electoral periods, but recently they have also allowed them to co-protest as indignants and shout burn down the Parliament-brothel. Worst of all is that they systematically leave untouched the racist core of nazism, which is the anti-Semitism. This way, the soul of the whole democracy is being poisoned and destroyed.
Thats why the democrats, whether independently or following a party, must today pose as basic demand the Outlaw now the Golden Dawn! slogan. This must not only be addressed to the state in general and to the government but also to all parliamentary parties, underlining their co-responsibility in the legality of Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn). By this way the most pro-nazi forces inside the state and the parties would be isolated and the rest would be forced to move at the other direction. That is, the outlaw demand would play an active role in the formation of more favorable ratios at the level of the bourgeois-democratic institutions. On the contrary, those who leave the state and the parties untouched, with the revolutionary argument that the peoples movement should move alone against a pro-regime gang, on the grounds that all those institutions are essentially fascist or simply bourgeois, objectively pay a great service to the gang in that they acquitt their protectors.
Surely, the outlaw demand is the basic necessary condition, but alone is not efficient, for the formation of an anti-nazi front. This would only be effective if it took the great majority of the suffering people to its side. So, it should give its own convincing answers to the demagogical positions of the gang and reveal the profound pro-regime and unpatriotic character of it, proving that they are not revolutionary and patriotic as they appear. This would be a more difficult discussion inside the bossoms of the anti-nazi movement, that will however be accelerated and cleared out to a large degree by the more and more appalling and protected activity of the gang. Athens, December 15, 2012
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