Press Release of September 7, 2009


At 5/9 Dimitris Zafiropoulos, for many years until quite recently the second-in-command of the nazi “Chrysi Avgi” organization, announced in the pro-junta “Eleftheros Kosmos” newspaper, of which he is the editor, his agreement with Yorgos Karatzaferis about his participation in the ballot of LA.O.S. party (People’s Orthodox Rally) as a candidate for parliament in the Achaea prefecture ( The information was accompanied by a photo in which Dimitris Zafiropoulos exchanged a “warm” handshake with Yorgos Karatzaferis. The same information has also been triumphly revealed by the website of the local NE.O.S. organization (the LA.O.S. youth) and hasn’t so far being denied by Yorgos Karatzaferis.

In 2006 D. Zafiropoulos was a candidate for the municipality of Athens on behalf of “Chrysi Avgi” and declared to be “proud of his struggle” within that nazi gang. The “Eleftheros Kosmos” paper shamelessly praises the coup of April 21, 1967, and is today the basic formation pole of the old and new supporters of the military dictatorship.

This is not the first attempt by Yorgos Karatzaferis to place people coming from the nazi “Chrysi Avgi” political side to public offices. In 2002 he encluded four “Chrysi Avgi” members in his ballot for the prefectural elections. As a “Nea Dimocratia” MP, he had invited the nazis of “Ch. A.” to take over a sub-ministry. Besides, the most promiment MP of his party, Adonis Georgiadis, has declared that the book “Jews, the whole truth” by Kostas Plevris, in which the latter furorly praises Hitler and the Third Reich, is “his favorite”. In the trial for this book the LA.O.S. minister of the European Parliament, Thanos Plevris, defended the open and declared nazi.

The attempt at promoting the ex-second-in-command of the nazi “Chrysi Avgi” to the parliamentrary offices under LA.O.S. umbrella constitutes so far the most serious threat and the greatest insult to the anti-fascist sentiments of the people and to the people’s anti-nazi struggle. This attempt must be thwarted. We call upon all democratic parties and all democrats to avoid this shame.

Athens, September 7, 2009