(May 16, 2012)

The political regime “whitewashes” “Golden Dawn” (“Chrysi Avgi”).
The inconceivable for a European country after World War 2 is now a fact: On 5/13/2012 the President of the Republic, K. Papoulias, received the head of the nazis N. Michaloliakos at the presidential mansion, listened to him carefully while he was presenting the “electoral” programme of “Chrysi Avgi”, he took “notes” and disscused with him the way his “proposals” would materialize through the formation of a government. It is all typical of this meeting that the President of the Republic not even for a moment, not even through an indirect way raised the question of inconsistency between the wide-spread nazist-racist declarations of the party he was dealing with and the democratic governing of the country. Towards the end of this meeting they even had a little conversation about their “old days” of childhood, and Papoulias assured the nazi that he was not bad as they say.

“MICHALOLIAKOS: Thank you for accepting me.
“KAROLOS PAPOULIAS: For God’s sake, don’t say that.
“MICHALOLIAKOS: Such a bad man like me.
“KAROLOS PAPOULIAS: I don’t think so.
“MICHALOLIAKOS: In any case, not as they suppose and say.
“KAROLOS PAPOULIAS: From Gouva* and bad?”

This shameful and unworthy of a President of the Republic stance, is so far the biggest insult and disregard for the struggles and the endless torments of the Greek people and all peoples of Europe during the hitlerian attack. However, this stance has not been condemned by any of the rest political parties. And that is because it is agreeable with them.
The nazi gang of “Chrysi Avgi” that has been elected to enter the Greek Parliament with a rate of 7%, has been given now the veil of parliamentary protection to continue its hitlerian racist propaganda and its cannibalistic violence. The whole responsibility for this historical crime against the Greek people and all the peoples of Europe lays at the hands of ALL parliamentary parties – especially the so-called “left-wing” ones. For over 20 years now, they have been protecting the nazis of Ch.A., by letting them exercise their hitlerian violence freely, while they have neither raised as a tremendous political issue the existence and the unaccountable activity of this gang nor they have exposed it before the people. Even after their entry into Parliament, the protectors of the nazis of Ch.A continue to do the same. There is no denouncement for the vast danger that their entry into Parliament represents, not any call to the citizens urging them to condemn and isolate the nazis, not any highlighting of the issue during TV discussions of politicians. At that, the opposite happens. Following its being “elected”, the regime has promoted the “whitewashing” of “Chrysi Avgi”. At first there were democratic reactions by some journalists against bullying nazi “MPs”, who violently ordered them to “raise up” at the appearence of their “fuhrer” **, and also later the accurate presentation of their hideousness on a TV show (interview by A. Sroiter on the Alpha channel). These were soon set back by a series of other shows which presented the nazis as decent “gentlemen” who expressed their “viewpoints”, as members of a party “like any other party”, while their major characteristic which is the racist violence passed rather unnoticed (interview by Evaggelatos on SKY, by Theodorakis on MEGA).
Their overt and cover protectors keep their mouths shut about the daily incidents of nazi violence, having come to light after their “electoral” victory, where they throw immigrants out of buses and the metro vagons (get out, here is Greece!) or shamelessly beat them in neighborhoods they have taken it upon themselves to “clean up”.
The Antinazi Initiative considers it more necessary than ever that a wide democratic front should be formed in order to repel the nazi brutality and demand that “Chrysi Avgi” is outlawed. The precondition for the effectiveness of this front is to bind with the poor people in particular, which means that it should provide answers through the method of mass political protest and organisation of people’s mutual aid, to the concrete problems which the political regime has created and then assigned the nazis to “solve”: immigrants’ ghetto, lack of security at the neighborhoods, and total impoverishment.
Athens, May 16, 2012
* A neighbourhood where they had both lived in.
** At a press conference of N. Michaloliakos immediately after the election results became known