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To prevent Greece from becoming the European Nazi's refuge
To have the Nazi Organisations and Activities Banned all over Europe
To fight against nazi ideology
The ANTI-NAZI INITIATIVE is a Greek non-governmental organisation which was formed in June 1997, and consists of democratic people who adopt the Initiative's platform (declaration of principles) who have united their efforts in order to prevent the development of the neo-nazi political current in Greece and in order to enforce the basic democratic principles, so as to have every nazi activity banned and every nazi organization officially declared illegal.
The fact that only Greece from all the countries in the European Community, allows the legal function of an organization which openly declares to be a supporter of Hitlerism, as "Chrysi Avgi" does, is one of the greatest political scandals and an unprecedented provocation against the democratic achievements not only of the Greek people, but of all European peoples.
Recently, the Greek nazi organisation "Chrysi Avgi" held an International Conference of Nazi in Thessaloniki, while a member of the leadership of this organisation is still wanted in Greece for criminal attack. The Government's representative, Mr. Reppas, declared that the Nazi had every right to have their Conference in Greece since "no criminal act was committed".
Nazism in Greece is still legal. European democratic people must not allow Greece to become the European Nazi's refuge. Support in any way you can the Anti-Nazi Initiative. Support our fight against Nazism, for a democratic Europe.