Democrats in Greece and the whole Europe,

It is an unprecedented scandal for whole Europe and the world, inconceivable after the world war II, that a nazi party, namely “Chrysi Avgi” (Golden Dawn), enters the Greek parliament in the 2012 elections. It isn’t because the anti-Hitler and anti-nazi hatred of our people has faded away that we are today facing this hideous possibility. We are facing it because the political regime has for many years been unanimously PROTECTING AND BOOSTING THAT MURDEROUS GANG into the political life of the country, by hiding its hilterian character from the people and even worse, by relativizing the meaning and seriousness of that character. In particular, all parliamentary parties, that today seem to be “astonished” at the rise of “Chr. Avgi”, have been doing the following for years now:

  • They have never denounced “Chrysi Avgi” as a nazi murderous gang but let it pass for a legal and ordinary political party.

  • They allowed those overt and audacious nazis to participate in all electoral battles, and at that they’ ve been inviting them to sessions jointly with all parliamentary and non-parliamentary parties, in order to commonly define the television times available for each one.

  • The state and the whole political parliamentary spectrum has let them unaccountable for their violence against democratic citizens and especially against migrants for years.

  • They allow them dissolve events and destroy the offices of national minorities parties, and at that under the cover of the police.

  • They “pushed” them into getting elected to the Municipal council of Athens and watched its leader addressing the nazi salute inside the town hall with full “understanding”.

  • They let them formally participate to the schools parades on the October 28 national day.

  • The most important is that the whole political regime has imposed them as “protectors” of the population in a neighborhood of the center of Athens, at Agios Panteleimonas square. In that area, they’ ve been ceded the right to stab the migrants at will and to forbid the existence and propaganda of the other parties, that is the right to impose their own nazi, racist dictatorship from now on.

  • This so far partial and de facto enforcement of the nazi law in the country has also been to a degree imposed de jure. The Greek highest court, the Supreme Court (Areios Pagos), decided in 2010, having all parliamentary parties by its side, that the praise of nazism was legal and that the hitlerian calling for extermination of the Jews was also legal and at that justified, since he did it invoking the allegation that the Jews “conspire” so as to conquer the world hegemony. This was the rationale by which the arch-nazi K. Plevris was acquitted in 2010 from the charges concerning his book, a praise to Hitler and the SS, entitled “Jews the whole truth”.

    This fascistization of the Greek political life and of justice, as well as their favoring for “Chr. Avgi” began much earlier than the economic crisis in Greece and has nothing to do with that. The economic crisis has simply facilitated the political regime to push “Chr. Avgi” into parliament right now. At that, the economic crisis couldn’t alone suffice to boost a hitlerian party in a country such as Greece, that has suffered untold torchures during the nazi occupation. Besides, there are other over-reactionary parties that have also strengthened during the crisis by turning against the old political world and thus canalizing the people’s rage. The political regime has given “Chr. Avgi” another provocative helping hand so that it could strengthen: they have widely opened up the borders of the country – they alone in the whole EU and at that during the crisis – to a huge mass of migrants (almost 120,000 per year), and settled them in the center of Athens by making them cherish the hope that they could reach Western Europe. They keep this hope alive through their all-European campaign to make the rich countries of the EU open up their borders to the immigrants from Greece. This huge mass of migrants is being “piled up” in the depressed center of Athens by the Greek state. In this way abruptly the life conditions in the centre have become not only insanitary but also inhumane for the migrants as well as for the local population, that views criminality raising and thus, under conditions of wide unemployment, feels estranged and expelled from their place. At this point the nazis of “Chr. Avgi” appear, with the consent of the police and all political parties, so as to enforce the “law and order”. That is they perpetrate selective pogroms against migrants by stabbing them or “persuading” them to move and showy “clean up” some spots of the town with symbolic significance from the migrants, who are being channeled into new locations. They also offer the shop-keepers protection and recently they’ve been accompanying the elderly to the bank for money withdrawals. These are measures of political propaganda that only instill racism to inhabitants without solving the problem, which is the provocative “open borders” policy, and which causes split among the people as well as between the long staying and the newly arrived immigrants. The anti-migrant racism is also being fomented by the “free breach of minimum wage standards” policy in each sector.

    One may wonder here: why would the whole political system, and especially the left, tolerate the nazis and even boost them with its stance? It’s all simple. “Chr. Avgi” is the most extreme pro-Russian and pro-Putin party in the country. At the same time, the top of the political regime, that is the heads of all basic parties and especially the leaders of the so-called left, have been following an overt or cover pro-Russian policy for many years now: some parties accept the economic stay of the country in the EU and NATO, some not, but all of them side themselves with fascist Russia and China. That’s why they only allow the development of Russian, pro-Russian, and Chinese capital in Greece, while systematically prohibit the investments by native and pro-Western capitals, which is one of the reasons that have caused bankruptcy. At that, the so-called left openly or secretely cooperates with the nazis in their common anti-European campaigns. The SYRIZA party cooperated openly with the nazis of “Chr. Avgi” at its “No pay” campaign, while the KKE party (“Communist” Party Of Greece) has done the same in the strike of the Steel Mills factory.

    So, the pro-Putin fascists have stealthily set up an all party front in our country, especially a “red”-brown front with an anti-European, “anti-memorandum” political platform that exonerates nazism as something normal and strongly fascistizes the political life of the country. This front is being openly supported by leading cadres of the Greek church, powerful sectors of the police, and retired army officers’ organizations. Unless the Greek democrats stop the nazis in Greece and reveal the “red”-brown fascist anti-European front they have formed with the regimal “left”, the nazis will raise head everywhere in Europe, the Middle East and the whole world.


    For all those reasons it is today more that ever necessary that the real ghastly face of this gang be revealed. Some people believe what “Chr. Avgi” has been saying: that an admirer of Hitler may also be a Greek patriot. The Antinazi Initiative proves, also with the use of some of the following documents systematically hid by “Chr. Avgi”, that this gang is NEITHER “patriotic”, nor even “nationalistic”. It is a party of national traitors whose brutality and impudence is still unprecedented in Greek history. Proof is that it passionately defends the security battalions, that is, the collaborators during the Occupation, the Greek traitors that went under the command of the SS and killed and tortured those who resisted the occupiers. What happens now is that the nazis of CH.A. can hide themselves behind their anti-German sentiments. They are anti-German because Germany is now an anti-hitlerian country, while they have “smelled” that the new Hitlers are now the fascist Russia of Putin and Co. and subserviently follow them, such as their political ancestors – the security battalions – had subserviently followed the old Hitlers against their own country and their own people.

    The Antinazi Initiative[1] is publishing so far only few of the abundant publications of “Chr. Avgi” in which the hitlerian, brutal, and deeply national-betraying character of that gang is all evident.

    [1] The Antinazi Initiative was set up in 1997 after a wide anti-fascist invitation by OAKKE so as to basically deal with nazism, national-racism, anti-Semitism, which stemed from the core of the formal Greek political system and to inform the Greek and international public of the hitlerian character of CH.A., that till then was considered by everyone as a common far-right wing or even nationalistic organization.

    Athens, April 11, 2012